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Date: April 23rd, 2013
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Beijing girl, embarrassed to let go

Jenny’s cousin Brandon is here visting from Taiwan and posts little stories like this to Facebook. When auto-translated they take on an almost poetic quality, and just enough of the meaning comes through to keep them intelligible:

A wonderful experience, with the mother in a New York subway station to buy a ticket today, when you are trying to put all my loose change into the machine, Chinese beauties from the side of a tall, long hair all of a sudden the bear hug me … … Tender lip with I cheek distance only 15 cm of affectedly sweet Beijing cavity, with I said “alas Hey you in do what,” I dear mother in aside hand plug Pocket see silly has eye,, and not for Vault by lure and the are Hong Kong Taiwan man and has wife of I, now not think is Aventure and immediately touch pants of purse and the phone are also stable, quietly whispers eyes with points melancholy of said “you found wrong people has, I not Yu wins”…… Beijing girl, embarrassed to let go