Date: March 12th, 2011
Cate: Otherwhere

SPACE… Space…. space……


The National Air and Space Museum has two locations: the main one on the National Mall, and another with some bigger stuff called the Udvar-Hazy Center. We went to the main branch some years ago, but — ahh — never uploaded the pictures? Bad blogger! Bad! Anyway, on a recent trip to visit one of Jenny’s highschool friends (ObPlug: visit Woodlands Restaurant! Try the Pani Puri!) we hit the other branch. Since it’s the National Air and Space museum the stuff you see is the Real Deal™. Like, they don’t just have some random test Gemini capsule, they have Gemini 7. And they don’t just have some random B-29, they have the Enola Gay. And of course, the main attraction for me, the Space Shuttle Enterprise.

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