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Date: February 19th, 2009
Cate: Otherwhere
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You’re doing it wrong

Sharena is making a mockery of the lion dance and eventually her great grandfather can’t take it any more.

Date: February 18th, 2009
Cate: Otherwhere
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Taiwan updates

I’ve started to post a few pictures from Taiwan and also some shaaaaaky videos.

Remember this famous picture of Sharena from the first trip? I took an almost identical one of Mira this time around, and not even on purpose! For reference, here’s what Sharena looks like now.

Today we’re in Hualien and tomorrow we continue our bus ride around the country. The bus ride today was pretty long, but it was no problem because there was “entertainment”.

Date: February 16th, 2009
Cate: Otherwhere
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Got here

We have arrived in Taiwan and in typical Taiwanese fashion we found that Jenny’s relatives actually rented a TOUR BUS to pick us up from the airport. It brought us to her Uncle’s place (only saw one bing lang girl on the way) where every relative ever had gathered for food and drink. They finally let us go and now they’ve distributed us out to houses with spare rooms for sleeping. We have big plans to get up early tomorrow and get breakfast and check out the area, but I’m pretty sure we owe like 2 or 3 night’s sleep at this point so we’ll see what actually happens.

Tomorrow is a day of relative rest (other than the inevitable banquet-grade dinner) and then the next day we start a 5 day bus trip around the island, to some places we’ve been before, and some we haven’t.

Date: February 3rd, 2009
Cate: Geekism
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Sharp tools, and subverting the paradigm

This story of the recent technical happenings of Muxtape has three points that resonate with me:

  1. How to deal with tools that suck. (And what it means when a geek says something sucks.)
  2. How much better tools that don’t suck are!
  3. And the best part: how to change those tools, from suck to not suck, even when you aren’t “the boss”.