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Date: December 27th, 2007
Cate: Geekism
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Word count bookmarklet


This word count bookmarklet searches through the page you’re on, and attempts to report the word count of the selection. It will first look for the text selection, and if there is none, it will search for a textarea that has a selection. It should be working in Safari and Firefox, and possibly even IE and Opera.

Date: December 21st, 2007
Cate: Geekism
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Fun synonyms for “broken”

  • Brokeolated
  • Funktified
  • Borkonated
  • Screwzored
  • Bustacular
Date: December 19th, 2007
Cate: Geekism
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The weird thing is it’s not in the dictionary

OK, so you actually expect me to believe that ON THE SAME DAY we got actual evidence that Duke Nukem Forever is going to come out, like, ever, AND news that the next version of IE is going to pass the ACID2 web standards test? Just how gullible do you think I am? The next thing you’re gonna try and tell me is that a new version of Feed on Feeds has been released.

Date: December 13th, 2007
Cate: Regular
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Do not, under any circumstances, click this link. And if you accidentally do, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT CROSS YOUR EYES.

(for more things you should never click on don’t click here)

Date: December 2nd, 2007
Cate: Regular
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Everybody Loves Hypnotoad!

The new Futurama DVD has the best special feature of any DVD ever in the history of human achievement: an entire episode of Everybody Loves Hypnotoad!

And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a lecture on the math of Futurama by Dr. Sarah J. Greenwald. a2+b2=c2 ? THINK AGAIN!!!!!

Date: December 2nd, 2007
Cate: Geekism
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The Legend of the Squishy MacBook

Great. I am now completely obsessed with the squishy left side of my MacBook.