Date: June 8th, 2007
Cate: Geekism

I can has bamboo steaks pleez?

Awesome quote from Bryan O’Sullivan on how much fun programming is becoming, given the whole “Moore’s Law is Dead” meme and how you couldn’t even buy a single core computer if you wanted to:

Programming is hard; parallel programming is way the hell harder; compsci courses have turned into votech Java pap; and enrollments in compsci are in any case as lively as the waiting list for the Lusitania the week after it was torpedoed. People want their programming to be easier and more casual, and they’re about to have it jammed into their eyesockets on bamboo stakes instead.

By the way, I know what he’s talking about, because I’ve had some fun with a type of parallel programming recently. Each screen = one CPU, plus one more, just for fun.

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