Date: July 11th, 2006
Cate: Chinese Word of the Day

– Ding4 – Set, Fix, Determine, Decide

Another way to say it: 環球定位系統 – Huan2 Qiu2 Ding4 Wei4 Xi4 Tong3 – Surround World Determine Position System Whole — Global Positioning System

I got Jenny the “toy” she’s had her eye on for quite some time, and it arrived today. I was planning to wrap it and give it to her and then cruelly forbid her to open it until her birthday, which isn’t until next month! (The only way to keep it interesting when she knows what she’s getting.) But, the cosmos was against me… it turns out that today is ALSO her birthday, according to the SCIENTIFICALLY QUESTIONABLE LUNAR CALENDAR! Thus, I was forced to let her open it. It’s actually a really cool little machine, with a simple, responsive, and pretty well thought out interface. I worried about that before buying it, all the reviews focused on such superficial features (”customizable car icons!!!!!!!!”) and never said if the maps actually worked. They in fact do!

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