Date: December 12th, 2005
Cate: Chinese Word of the Day

– Dong1 – Winter

冬蔭功 – Dong1 Yin4 Gong1 – Tom Yum Goong


泰式酸辣湯 – Tai4 Shi4 Suan1 La4 Tang1 – Thai Style Sour Spicy Soup — Tom Yum Goong

Warning: Movie spoilers ahead!

In Tony Jaa’s first movie, Ong Bak, bad guys come to his simple country village and steal their small statue, causing Tony Jaa to have to leave the village and go out into the world to try to get it back. He meets some people from home who will help him, and eventually, through the use of an amazing amount of flying knee attacks, incredible stunts, and crushing elbows to heads, gets the statue back…. but then suffers a defeat! He is too late to save a larger statue! But, turning defeat into victory, he manages to use the statue as a weapon to finally destroy the bad guys altogether.

Now replace every instance of “statue” with “elephant”, and you have the description of his latest movie, Tom Yum Goong!

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