Date: January 17th, 2005
Cate: Chinese Word of the Day

– Pu1 – Strike, Beat, Rush

撲克 – Pu1 Ke4 – Poker (card game)

We played poker over at Nate’s place while Frankie and Sangi went insane running around in circles. It was sort of strange, because we played “TEXAS HOLD ‘EM”, the variety of poker preferred by my loyal spammers. But it turned out to be fun, expecially because I won. Probably was beginner’s luck.

This just in! It seems Chinese doesn’t have any expression for “Beginner’s Luck”! At least I can’t find any and Jenny can’t think of any. I can’t believe they never noticed the phenomenon. The closest I can come is this sort of direct translation: 初出道人的運氣 – Chu1 Chu1 Dao4 Ren2 De5 Yun4 Qi5 – First Come Out Way Person’s Luck.

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