Date: June 16th, 2004
Cate: Geekism

FoF 0.1.4

Feed on Feeds 0.1.4 is here!

But you don’t want it. You want Feed on Feeds 0.1.5.

Here’s what I ended up with for features:

  • CSS / XHTML. The only remaining table is the feed list. As I said before, don’t worry, the much praised FoF look and feel has been scrupulously replicated in CSS. Or, you could use…
  • … The new frames-based, one page viewer.
  • Better charset handling – I’ve hacked MagpieRSS so that it does its very best to always return UTF-8, and that is used as the internal format, as well as the charset for all output pages. Kellan is looking at these changes now to see if he wants to add them, or something like them, to the mainline Magpie.
  • By default, read items will be purged completely (during the update) from the DB after 30 days. You can adjust this timeout, or shut this off entirely to go back to the old “never delete anything” behavior. Warning: If you’ve been using FoF to build up some kind of huge awesome database of feed items that you are very proud of, be very careful with this new version! You could very easily find them all deleted.
  • The cache directory is located in a smarter way. People trying to include FoF or call it from the command line should have better luck
  • Continuing code cleanups: more and more “logic” pulled into init.php, leaving the viewer pages purely “presentation”. More careful about namespace pollution, everything is prefixed with fof_ or FOF_. FoF should be much more “includable” now.
  • The meagre beginnings of a PHP API: look at fof_get_feeds and fof_get_items.
  • I think this time I didn’t completely screw up checking my changes into CVS. I did last time, nobody noticed.

To upgrade: install to a new, clean directory, and copy your settings over from your old config.php. There’s a lot more stuff in there now, so don’t just copy the whole file. And again, if you don’t want all your old, read items to be deleted, be very careful. Make a DB backup or something.


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  1. June 16th, 2004

  2. pfu, i needed a long time to find the failure….. i’ve installed the new version, and then – nothing. it showed me only a blank screen – the solution is a small “" tag you've forgotten to set in the index.php after "