Date: June 16th, 2004
Cate: Chinese Word of the Day

– Chu2 – Kitchen

廚房 – Chu2 Fang2 – Kitchen Room — Kitchen

廚櫃檯面 – Chu2 Gui4 Tai2 Mian4 – Kitchen Cabinet Desk Surface — Counter

O woe is us! After all these months our dishwasher finally came, but the guy couldn’t install it! The counter top has a lip that extends down just a tiny bit too far, making it impossible to remove the old one, or put the new machine in. It’s like the kitchen was built around the dishwasher. We’ll have to A) carefully unfasten and lift up the entire old counter top, or 2) just cut it to bits. I still don’t know which one we’re going to do, or if there’s any hope we can do it ourselves.

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  1. me me  
    June 16th, 2004

  2. not cut it to bits…but if you get mad enough you can break it to smithereens!!! that’s more fun.