Date: April 14th, 2004
Cate: Chinese Word of the Day

– Gun4 – Stick, Pole

Tonight’s movie: 五郎八卦棍 – Wu3 Lang2 Ba1 Gua4 Gun4 – Fifth Son(?) Eight Diagram Pole — Eight Diagram Pole Fighter: good!


In this movie, a man’s brothers and father are killed. He escapes to a monastery, and becomes a monk. At first they won’t let him in, because he is so violent and has too many thoughts of earthly matters. Eventually, he is allowed in because of the strength of his resolve. The monks teach him their ways: not to kill, to be peaceful and serene, and to become disconnected from worldly concerns.

Then he leaves the monastery… to get revenge on those who killed his family? Huh? And during the final battle, his fellow monks even show up (with a helpful wooden wolf) to help him kill the last few really tough bad guys! Best part: using a wheelbarrow full of bamboo sticks like a gatling gun.

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