1. WaldeWalde  
    January 22nd, 2004

  2. blah blah, yeah that\’s fine and good, anyway… I really like this ad they had there.



  3. stevesteve  
    January 22nd, 2004

  4. Great idea for a product.


    Tired of those accessible, functional websites? Want to annoy users, or lock them out altogether? Java and Flash are your two best options for keeping users out:

    \”Too many users were able to use my site. So I put up a flash intro. But some of them are actually waiting through it, or finding the cute \’skip intro\’ button I put in, and still getting in somehow!\”


    \”Our site wasn\’t crashing browsers frequently enough. So we filled it with Java applets. Now most users find the site unusable, but there\’s still a few who manage to have the right JVM installed.\”

    Unfortunately, combining Java and Flash to create the most inaccessible, annoying, unusable site imaginable has been impossible. UNTIL NOW! Announcing Sesma\’s JFLASH! Your users will be swimming in a sea of \”click here to download plugin\” and \”class not found exceptions\” from now until the end of time. Our labs have determined that only a statistically insignificant number of users will be able use your site. Peace at last!

    And coming soon: Sesma\’s ActiveJFlashX! Guaranteed to allow exactly 0 users through. Ever.