Date: September 21st, 2003
Cate: Chinese Word of the Day

– Kong3 – Fear, Dread, Horror

恐龍 – Kong3 Long2 – Horror Dragon — Dinosaur

Sharena called up today and said she wants us to take her to see dinosaurs this winter. OK! I’m trying to look up what the different dinosaurs are called in Chinese, so far all I can find is:

暴龍 – Bao4 Long2 – Violent Dragon — Tyrannosaurus Rex

WAIT A MINUTE! Here we go: Dinosaur names in Chinese!!!! It even has a super secret three way decoder wheel that tells you what the root words of dinosaur names are, and what they mean in English and how they are translated to Chinese, like Bronte – Thunder – 雷聲.

恐怖 – Kong3 Bu4 – Terror

恐怖份子 – Kong3 Bu4 Fen4 Zi5 – Terror Group Member — Terrorist (evil cottages?)

Horror movies are called 恐怖片 – Kong3 Bu4 Pian4 – Terror Movies. Also Jenny uses this all the time sort of facetiously to describe things people do that are so wrong or so shocking that they’re scary. If somebody could finish two large pizzas, for example, that would make them 恐怖.

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