Date: August 31st, 2003
Cate: Chinese Word of the Day

– Ge1 – Cut Off

We got one of those old fashioned reel mowers, I put it together and tried it out today. It works great! I didn’t do the whole yard yet though. We’ll see how tiring that is, maybe tomorrow. The trimmer will come later. So many new toys!

I also went to the local home store and stood dumbfounded looking at all the tools long enough for one of the people working there to come over and say “You want this” while pointing to the perfect beginner level tool set. Maybe now I won’t be made fun of for my sissy hammer.

割草 – Ge1 Cao3 – Cut Grass — Mow the Lawn


  1. Me Me  
    August 31st, 2003

  2. Forget about the trimmer…it won\’t work.

    So, did you get a real hammer?


  3. stevesteve  
    August 31st, 2003

  4. If the trimmer doesn\’t work, it\’ll be the end of the world, it was the top recommended one at Consumer Reports. If it turns out that they can err, it will upset my whole world view.

    The new hammer is much bigger and sturdier looking than the old one, but I haven\’t had to nail anything yet. I also got a wrench and socket set, which came in handy today putting together the new bench, which goes right under the japanese maple tree.

    It took us about an hour and a half to do the whole lawn with the push mower. It\’s pretty tiring, but Jenny said it was \”fun\”! She did most of it, this time.