Date: May 23rd, 2003
Cate: Regular

Starbucks – Taipei, Taiwan – 9/26/2002

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That’s Jenny, Yvonne, and Sally. Starbucks in Taiwan was nice, but the Starbucks “experience” in Japan was much better. I can still clearly remember the way they all would say “Ohayo gozaimasu!” in unison when we walked in in the morning, and the way the cashier would repeat my order to the drink maker in detail, who would then repeat it back for confirmation, and then say it again when I picked it up, and the super polite way they’d thank you over and over. “Arigato gozaimaaaaaasu…”

One morning we walked in, and the girl slipped up and started to say “konbanwa” (good evening) instead of “ohayo”. In quick succession, she realized she was saying the wrong thing, and began to correct herself, and then looked at me and realized I probably didn’t know the difference. There was a priceless moment of confusion, but she ultimately decided to err on the side of caution and say good morning, just to be sure.


    I went over to Starbucks today. And here are my pictures of the Starbucks on Balboa and Genesee in the Clairmont area of San Diego. Really it is 5 pictures stiched into a cube. … I did not have time for the zenith. … So it goes.
    Link to -> Starbucks Clairmont


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