Date: March 27th, 2003
Cate: Chinese Word of the Day

– Chi1 – Eat

台灣 (Taiwan) is famous for 小吃, or snacks. This is the kind of food you buy from vendors on the street at the various night markets. I’ve had some of this, and it’s all very good. I found a few good pages about these snacks, but they’re all in Chinese! Here they are anyway:

Ultimate home made 台灣小吃 fan site – it has maps, recommendations of which markets / streets / vendors to try, and as if that’s not enough, cute animated gifs everywhere. Warning: This site may be infected with a VBScript virus. Please practice safe browsing.

And then there’s this authoritative site on the same subject.


  1. Me Me  
    March 27th, 2003

  2. When I went to the site ultimate fan site about chi, my virus screener went nuts and said it stopped a virus from attacking my computerAlso, explorer sent a message that it couldn\’t load the entire site…it sent it again a split second later.

    SAVED by McAfee


  3. stevesteve  
    March 27th, 2003

  4. Huh, it looks like that site has lots of VBScript on it, maybe that\’s what triggered the virus screener. It works fine in Mozilla.


  5. Me Me  
    March 27th, 2003

  6. McAfee says that the site is infected with the VBS Redlof@M virus.