Date: March 16th, 2003
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Found at A Subtle Sweetness. I don’t think this article is supposed to be an April Fool’s joke.

The Sydney Morning Herald: Anti-gravity and us

Are you sitting down? Good, because this is going to blow your mind.

This item is going to sound like a bad reject from conspiracy publications like Nexus or New Dawn, or an X-Files fanzine. It isn’t. The indisputable fact is that both the US and the UK are putting serious money into anti-gravity research with military aerospace applications. The only question is how far it is from operational status. There is informed speculation that it is already used in the American B2 bomber.

I believe that access to this potentially revolutionary and obviously highly secret technology, perhaps via the JSF/F35 fighter program, could be behind the otherwise (in my view) inexplicable level of support given Bush over Iraq by Howard and Blair.

My own personal conspiracy theory about the B2 is that the $2B price tag is because it is actually nuclear powered. (Yes, I know both of those sites say the ANP program was shut down in the 60’s. I said it was a conspiracy theory.) That’s why when you see pictures of the B2, they’re usually pictures of in flight refueling!


  1. January 28th, 2004

  2. Doesn\’t the American nuclear program refer to the building of nuclear bombs? They still make aircraft carriers and submarines that are nuclear powered, though I don\’t think the B2 is nuc-powered, if it was, it would have nothing to do with building bombs? Then again maybe I\’m wrong what do i know!


  3. stevesteve  
    January 28th, 2004

  4. There was once something called the \”aircraft nuclear program\”. Before satellites and ICBMs were feasible, they wanted to have airplanes that could stay aloft practically forever, spying or ready to drop bombs with a few minutes notice. These programs made some progress on engine designs, but not to the point of an actual flying prototype, as far as I (we) know. They were cancelled when space became a better option.

    The conspiracy theory I\’m proposing here is that the program actually WASN\’T cancelled! It just went completely black.