Date: February 19th, 2003
Cate: Regular

Mericans have many questions tonight.

Mericans are asking: What does Homer vs. Kidd mean?

Mericans are asking: Can an anim made with an Amiga and DeluxePaint IV, once thought lost forever, be found again?

Mericans are asking: When will Nate post the rest?


  1. February 19th, 2003

  2. Or once found, can they be lost again?


  3. February 19th, 2003

  4. I COULD post the rest, but I think it would be interesting to include a history of how the anims came to be, and why they took so long to resurface. I\’m working on that right now. The big anim I can\’t even post on my site (needs to be compressed somehow).. I have the thing in WMV format, and I want to port it to quicktime, but the divide stretching between these 2 technologies is treacherous at best, full of Codec landmines and armies of insane lawyer/soldiers chanting the mantra \”pay me for licensing.. pay me for licensing\”


  5. stevesteve  
    February 19th, 2003

  6. Yeah the story of the anims, their creation, their tragic loss, and their against-all-odds rediscovery is an amazing one.

    You could post the \”big\” one in episodes, when the time comes.