Date: January 20th, 2003
Cate: Meta

Comments in RDF

RDF of the last 10 comments to this weblog.

This should really be integrated into the main RSS feed, but technically that’s a pain in the neck, since comments and posts are in seperate tables.

I also made a thing that shows my top 10 referers, and last 10 referers.


  1. January 21st, 2003

  2. I like the various RSS feeds. The recent referrers would be more interesting if you excluded self references.


  3. stevesteve  
    January 21st, 2003

  4. I do filter out the self references, but by self references I mean clicks within this weblog to other pages in this weblog. But referers from other pages on (like are included.

    I also realized that I need to fix the URI\’s on the items in the comments feed. Right now they\’re links to the story, but they should be links to the individual comment within the story.


  5. stevesteve  
    January 21st, 2003

  6. OK, the URI\’s are fixed now. Next time you update the feed it\’ll probably be weird.