Date: January 4th, 2003
Cate: Meta

New features

Check out the bottom of the sidebar over on the right: I added a new section that shows the 5 most recent comments, with links to the associated stories.

I also updated the steve(1) man page. And my home page too, adding a link to this very weblog.

Next up to fix: Make the permalink and archive URLs look nicer. Get rid of question marks. And fix the Last-Modified and ETag headers to be more accurate by incorporating the most recent comment post date as well as the most recent post so people don’t keep double posting all the time.


  1. stevesteve  
    January 4th, 2003

  2. Hey, I think I did it! Last-Modified and ETag now reflect comments as well as stories.


  3. January 6th, 2003

  4. hey steve,

    just checking up on you. there is an Rdf:description tag that is not closed it is inside the rdf:rdf tag.


  5. stevesteve  
    January 6th, 2003

  6. Aha, right you are. That\’s weird though, why does W3C say that my page is valid XHTML? With blatantly unclosed tags like that? It\’s not even well formed.

    All this RDF and RSS stuff scares me a little, by default b2 generates two different seperate feeds, plus the regular XHTML has RDF mixed in. I\’ll probably disable all but one so I don\’t have to worry about all three being valid. Like anybody wants to syndicate my site anyway.