Date: January 3rd, 2003
Cate: Kung Fu


Gordon LiuKill Bill Teaser at

Do you know about this movie? It’s by Quentin Tarantino, his attempt at a total exploitation / grindhouse / kung fu / Shaw Brothers style action extravaganza. It’s got David Carradine, Sonny Chiba, and the one and only GORDON LIU in it. Gordon Liu is playing the evil priest Pai Mei even! You may remember of course, the classic FIST OF THE WHITE LOTUS where Gordon Liu fought Pai Mei, remember that one, he had to learn “woman style”? Of course you do.

Oh yeah, Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, and somehow Darryl Hannah also appear.

And the action director is Yuen Woo-Ping, of Matrix, Crouching Tiger, Iron Monkey, Once Upon a Time in China, Drunken Master (and Drunken Master II) fame. How can this movie go wrong?


  1. Me Me  
    January 3rd, 2003

  2. …at last a kung fu movie that I will like!!


  3. stevesteve  
    January 3rd, 2003

  4. Why\’s that? Because of the director? Or you liked the teaser?


  5. Me Me  
    January 4th, 2003

  6. Ok, now I see what I was doing wrong.
    Let\’s see, I liked the trailer and I like the director and I like some of the actors. The trifecta.


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