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Date: November 30th, 2002
Cate: Video Games
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Super Smash Brothers Melee DX: Orchestra – Dr. Mario

I just missed the concert by a few weeks, but I got the CD! It comes with the December issue of Famitsu Cube plus Advance. Let me tell you, what a magazine! Besides the regular video game content (which I can’t read), it had:

  • the CD
  • fold-it-yourself cardboard CD case
  • pullout walkthough of Yoshi’s Island
  • stickers

…all for only 590 Yen!

As my gift to you, the viewing public, here’s one of the tracks: Dr. Mario. Get it while the getting’s good, it may disappear at any time.

Most obscure music on the CD that I was able to recognize: MACH RIDER.

Date: November 30th, 2002
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Mozilla 1.2 = Abortion

So I’ve been waiting for Mozilla 1.2 to come out so I can upgrade and have a .2 goodness units better browser. I got it and put it on my PC and iBook, got it all set up the way I like, then today when I wake up I find out they recalled it! Another round of downloady and instally for me when they get their codes in a row. Great.

I guess the problem isn’t that bad: said on Slashdot:

This isn’t an exploit or even a crash or dataloss bug. This is just a visual glitch that you’ll get on some pages with DHTML. The release hasn’t really been pulled and is still available at ftp but we’d rather spare our users a large download that would probably be repeated in a couple of days when the 1.2.1 release out so the high-visibility links were commented out for the time being.


The other big setback today: Out of RAM at the Apple store. How can this be? At least we got some good Christmas shopping done.

Date: November 29th, 2002
Cate: Video Games
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Tokyo Game Show

Pictures from the Tokyo Game Show. I was in Japan on my honeymoon a coupla months ago while the show was going on, and my new wife and I took a whole bunch of pictures. If those pictures are interesting to you, you might also like the rest of our pictures from Japan.