19th - Shizenkyoikuen

Shizenyoikuen is a nice nature preserve smack in the middle of Tokyo.  I'll reveal it now:  Lots of the stuff we did in Japan we found in this book, Little Adventures in Tokyo.  This was one of the places it recommended.  This land is basically what Tokyo was like however many thousand years ago before people came in and cut down trees and poured concrete everywhere.  It's been studied continuously for quite some time, students come in and measure all the trees and try to figure out the looooooong term trends of pine trees taking over land and swamps slowly moving around and so on.

Pretty much as soon as you get inside, you are seperated from the megalopolis.  You hear birds and insects and water and wind blowing in the trees...  relaxing.  The few other people we saw inside were mostly Japanese people doing Japanese type stuff, like studying the wildlife, or documenting things, or taking macro pictures of bugs and flowers, so we followed suit:

Me documenting them documenting the park.  This little pond had exactly a thousand dragonflies lazily circling around above it.

This super huge spider and its super huge webs were super common inside the park:

Hard to see the scale from these pictures, but the spider was several inches long and the webs seemed like they could probably capture a bird or bat.  Scary.  The smartest spiders would spin their webs in the free space just above the path through the park, so that there was free space in front and behind where bugs or whatever would be likely to fly.  But, some of the spiders got a little greedy and spun their webs a little too low, which means a face full of web for me.

Oops!  You shouldn't be able to see that...

Jenny, wearing the special ribbon that lets you get in.  They have a limited number so only so many people can be in there at once.

Me in the jungle:

This one old guy was following us around, he kept seeing me taking pictures of Jenny, or Jenny taking pictures of me, and I could tell that he wanted to help us, but somehow didn't know if we wanted his help.  Finally he couldn't take it any longer and accosted us and asked nicely if he could help us.  I had the camera in some stupid mode and forgot to fix it before I gave it to him so this was the result:

But, he was so nice, this is now one of our favorite pictures.

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