Pictures from Taiwan

A panorama taken in a parking lot near the middle of the city

Me and Jenny


"The Sleeping Cook"

Actually updated!  (6 PM 4/26 local time)

CKS Memorial

Night Market

Sort of cool picture with blurry speeding motor scooters

Again with the update (4/29 PM local time)


Another use of the panorama feature of my camera, the view from the balcony where we are staying

Sharena on the balcony

A buncha pictures taken from this tourist-y place we went to.  Jenny's not around right now so I don't know the name.

These women are all over Taipei.  They sit that way and act like that and dress like that to entice you to come in and buy this berry that you chew and then you spit out the juice.  Kinda the Taiwan equivalent of chewing tobacco.

We went to this park that overlooks the city

(at this point I've become lazy and instead of linking to nice pages describing all the pictures, I'm just going to link to directories and let you do the work.  If you see a bunch of pictures called something-#.jpg they are probably a panorama and there is probably an html file called something.htm that puts them all together.  Some of these pictures might require some explanation, but you'll have to wait until I'm home.)

We also went to a big museum in Taipei

Some pictures from a different night market

Would you believe that I came all the way to Taiwan, to find out that one of the things they love to eat for breakfast is sandwiches?  I'm in heaven.  We go to this lady most mornings and get some sandwiches made.  She puts bacon or ham or chicken on 3 layers of toast, and also puts a fried egg, and some sauce, and some other strange things that she frys up.


A short story:  Everybody was going to go to karaoke and clothes shopping this day, and I decided that that sounds boring so I decided to venture out alone.  I studied whatever maps I could find, and managed to actually walk to a relatively close subway station... (Taipei has a brand new super duper state of the art smooth quiet clean subway system.  Above ground on the roads, people behave as if there are no laws.  Lanes have no meaning, red lights are only a suggestion, and people will use just about any flat relatively unobstruced surface as a road.  In the subway, it is somehow the exact opposite.  To get on and off the train, there are particular places you are supposed to stand, with lines on the floor showing how to line up.  People do so very obidently.  There are even standing and walking lanes on the escalators!) ... so I walked to the station, figured out where I was going,  jumped on the subway, changed stations, and got to the Sun Yat Sen memorial.  Over there, I found a McDonald's, and ordered a "Big Mac" (I guessed that the chinese word for "Big Mac" was just "Big Mac", and I think I guessed right, cause I did get recieve a Big Mac).  It tasted just like a US Big Mac. Also, the McDonald's in Taiwan serves very good iced coffee with condensed milk which I got.  So I went back to the park, sat and ate and watched kids play, wandered around stealing pictures of people, (most people seemed to enjoy having their pictures taken if they noticed me!)  and finally went home.  Jenny's aunt was quite impressed that I was able to do all that on my own.  She's been trying to explain to Jenny how to use the Taipei subway and bus system but Jenny has been too scared to try it alone.  Now I know how, and we can go anywhere in the city.

Coming soon:  Pictures from SYS memorial.


We went to see this kung fu show

They tried to have Jenny spin a bowl on a stick...

...with disastrous results

and then....

... they came for me ...


Coming soon:  The bloody conclusion.


Slightly sorted pictures - These are mostly from the Sun Yat Sen memorial. You can click on the individual pictures, and there are some HTML files that were made, once again, using the panaroma feature of my camera.

Even less well sorted pictures - Another batch of pictures I took. Some from some parks, some family pictures.

This is an album of pretty good pictures at Includes such well known pictures as "MONKEY ATTACK", "SUNRISE AND SUNSET", "GOD OF TEST TAKING" and "TAIWAN GIRLS WITH FOREIGNER"